felt landscape of Malham Cove in North Yorkshire

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Yorkshire landscape artist Janine Jacques

Hi – I am landscape artist Janine Jacques, I live in Yorkshire, UK. I create landscapes of Yorkshire and Northumberland mainly and use oil pastels to create a painting of the scene to translate into wool/felt.

On this page you can find a brief description of each section and links to click through to read more about me, the process, my art gallery of past favourites and where to buy – my stockists.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Felt artist Janine Jacques

How I became a felt landscape artist

If it wasn’t for my love of tea, I’d still be a web designer working for Microsoft.

“Whether it’s the cuppa you just have to have first thing, elevenses or afternoon tea we stir, settle, and relax…” click here to read more…

Wet felting process thumb image of felt artist Janine Jacques working

The Process

My process for felting a landscape begins with a camera. I take lots of photographs of landscapes and skies as I see them on my travels. It could be a quick snap with my mobile or several with my camera. Click here to read more…

Felt landscape art gallery by felt artist Janine Jacques

The Gallery

Where you can find some of my favourite felt artworks over the years. I have been creating felted landscapes since 2016. Every felt landscape is unique. Click here to read more…

Thumb nail for Janine Jacques stockist art galleries


Click on the link to view a list of art gallery shops that stocks my original artwork, art prints and greeting cards. Click here to see my stockists.