Wild Daisies felt art, framed 52 x 50cm (h x w)

Wild daisies felt art, an original felt painting by felt artist Janine Jacques.

“Wild Daisies”

On a lovely summers day I noticed the daisies in the wild meadow area of our garden. They had grown so tall and waved gently in the breeze.

As I watched them, I noticed the dark background of foliage behind them, which made their beauty stand out and shine in the sunlight as they reached for the sky.

I took photographs of them and recreated the scene in felt. I used a piece of black material for the backround which on felting has made a lovely textural back drop for the daisies.

Wild Daisies felt art | Framed

Framed size: 52 x 50cm (h x w)
Framed with art glass

*Colours may vary slightly from the photographed work.

The Process:-

Drawing on my degree in Fine Art, I use merino wool in lots of different colours (as you would tubes of paint) and lay out the loose fibres of different coloured wool onto my base (as you would paint on canvas).

Once finished the next stage is to make these loose fibres of wool stick together using the ‘wet felting’ technique to make the wool painting into a piece of felt. You do this by adding hot soapy water and friction. The hot water opens up the wools scales and the friction (rubbing/rolling) binds them together. During this process the wool shrinks by about 15-20% and you end up with one piece of felt material.

Once the felted picture is dry I needle felt into the piece to sharpen some of the details.

The final felt art is attached to a piece of acid free mount board and mounted and framed as seen.

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