Yorkshire landscape painting of Sisters, sandsend, a felt landscape

Inspiration for my Yorkshire landscape paintings

Like many I love being out in the A photo of the felt Artist Janine JacquesYorkshire countryside and find it very inspiring for my Yorkshire landscape paintings. I love taking in the sights, sounds, smells, colours, sky and weather. Each of these elements take a part in the creation of my Yorkshire landscape paintings. 

Living in Yorkshire I am so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful countryside to visit on my door step.

I find being in a landscape very grounding and gives a feeling of oneness, freedom and escape from everyday life.

There are endless possible skies and views to inspire my paintings. From beautiful sunsets, woodlands, seascapes to being on top of a hill and looking at the horizon over little colourful fields.

Whatever the weather or season you always feel better and more alive by having a walk. I wish to capture this feeling in my landscape paintings by adding in a moody stormy winter sky or a perfect blue summer sky with a few fluffy clouds or a lovely colourful autumn sunset.

Colour is a very important part of my artwork. I use it to express the beauty of the scene, to help define areas of the painting and to express my feelings within the artwork.

I use wool as my main medium as I love the soft textures it creates when it shrinks down to create the felt art. By incorporating material and other ‘tops’ with the wool I can create even more texture in the final felt art. I love the way the material crinkles up as it shrinks and I often use it to represent part of the sky, a sandy beach, tree bark or to just add a little sparkle for example.

Wool is a beautiful, organic, eco friendly material and so versatile in its uses which makes the possibilities endless.